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President Obama… Lookout… Trap… Israel’s latest carnage on Palestinians in Gaza is not really for Peace but to force your hand after you are sworn in.

Anyone who remembers the Massacres of Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut in 1982 ( Google search: Massacres of Sabra and Shatila) may recall that more than 800 women and children were slaughtered by right wing phalangist forces under the protection and direction of the Israeli forces who invaded Lebanon in an operation the Israelis called "Peace for Galilee" (Google Search: Peace for Galilee ) led and masterminded by none other than Ariel Sharon, Israel's defense minister then.

Sharon's aim was to eradicate the "terrorist threat" posed by the Palestinians' military presence in Lebanon with the purpose of removing the threat to Israel's northern settlements. He later became Israeli Prime Minister in recognition for his great service to Israel and as a reward for his military successes.

But did Ariel Sharon really succeed in his Lebanon invasion and massacres to give Galilee and Israel peace? Let’s see!

If he did, we should be able to see Galilee and Israel overall prospering today economically, socially, and of course in peace with the end of all hostilities against Israel from the Palestinians thru Lebanon, right?

In fact the real and direct result of Israel’s invasion in 1982 was the birth of Lebanese resistance to Israeli occupation which did not exist before. It pooled Christians and Muslims from all political sectors of Lebanese society who would be defiant to an invasion and occupation of their land by a foreign force - a globally accepted Principle of Human Rights. One of these newly created movements was called "Hezbollah".

Israel's 1982 invasion and subsequent occupation of Lebanon created Hezbollah.

Clearly, the Israelis failed miserably to bring Peace to Galilee and Israel with their 1982 invasion of Lebanon as they will fail more miserably in their current attacks on Gaza now 26 years on. And while Israel succeeded in eradicating Palestinian threats with death, destruction and massacres in 1982, Israel's Sharon created a Lebanese resistance force stronger and more resilient to his occupation than the Palestinians he aimed to eradicate. So instead of Peace, Israel's wars led them to more wars and needing to re-launch more invasions and incursions to correct their mistakes of the past as the problem was mushrooming as Peace became ever more elusive.

All of the above is based on the assumption that Israel’s actions are of course aimed at creating a long lasting Peace as they always stated and claimed. But were their aims really for Peace?

Israeli leaders re-invaded Lebanon in 2006, but now to eradicate the Hezbollah their invasion in 1982 gave birth to. The world recalls the extent of that Israeli military failure. (Google Search: Israel invasion of Lebanon, 2006)

Similarly, Israeli incursions and operations in Gaza and the west bank are too many to list and all were masterminded to bring peace to Israel from supposed Palestinian terrorists and aggressors who want to throw Israel in the sea, right? But none of them had delivered peace and Israel is nowhere near getting wet from being thrown into that supposed sea.

The ultimate failure or lie for peace can be awarded to the Bush administration. Bush invaded Iraq claiming he is giving Iraqis freedom because now they supposedly can vote freely (Many Iraqis thank him and can’t wait to see the back of him, some are so ungrateful they threw shoes at him. How rude?).

However, the Palestinians had an election in Jan 2006 (Google Search: Hamas elected to Government) which international community observers recognized to be free and democratic, an unknown alien phenomenon in Arabic countries since the 1950s. To everyone’s surprise, Hamas swept to election victory and became the new and legitimate Palestinian Government. It did not take the Israeli and US governments more than hours to make the statement that they do not recognize the newly elected Palestinian Governments nor will they work with it, US allies followed suit like sheep.

The US and Israel started plotting to overthrow the newly elected Palestinian Hamas Government (Google Search: US plot to overthrow elected Palestinian government ) . The US and Israel started to Plan for a Palestinian Civil war (Google Search: US and Israeli Plan to start a Palestinian Civil war

Did any of these invasions, incursions occupations, and plots to overthrow legitimately elected Governments deliver any peace for Israel? The Answer is a solid NO.

But was Peace the real objective?

To answer, let’s look at these wars and their failures to bring peace from a different angle and see what they really resulted into since they most clearly did not result in Peace.

The Lebanese and the Palestinians have been reading the Israeli invasions, the killings, assassinations, blockades, and incursions over the decades and the US blind support as bold messages that read and sound like this:
“We are stronger than you ".
“We are supported by America"
“We can have the United Nations give our actions legitimacy thru our American friend's veto power"
“We don’t have to abide by UN resolutions we do not like”
“You are not supported by anyone. Not even the Arab countries want to help you, except with nice words, and some charity money to rebuild after being decimated and pulverised "
"We can starve you anytime we want, for as long as we want, with help of other Arab countries to block any supplies coming in (Egyptian Government)
"We can kill you and any of your leaders anytime we want”
“Agree to our terms of peace with the leaders we choose and accept for you”
“If you don’t - continue to suffer and die"

Many Palestinians have died and continue dying as a result of Israeli might. But its might helped crate a new trend. This trend was created and started by Lebanese resistance fighters to the Israeli invasion and occupation in 1982. It was simply to take a few of their enemies with them while dying. They had little to fight with except their defiance and determination. So they started blowing themselves up to kill their occupier. In simple English it became known as "suicide bombing" of the enemy which has grown to become a global Phenomena sadly to Palestinians, Israelis and all victims. it is also inaccurately attributed to Muslims. The first suicide Bomber against Israeli occupation was a woman by the name of Sanaa Mehaidaly and she was Christian.

And just like Hezbollah was born as a result of Israel’s military invasion and occupation of Lebanon, Israel should take full credit and responsibility for creating the phenomenon and trend of suicide bombing.

Oh and I forgot, anyone knows what was one of Israel's answer to the suicide bombers it helped creating? Well, it build a wall more than 400 miles long and 8 meters high to stop Palestinian suicide bombers crossing into Israel (Google Search: Israel to build a wall ) and to do so it confiscated more Palestinian land to build it on, which resulted in more resistance to the Israeli occupation and more recruits to become suicide bombers. Does anyone see the vicious circle I am drawing yet?

Israel and the US need to accept and must come to terms that, (this can only happen when US support switches from being blind to being fair):
- Palestinians deserve equal human rights and respect no less than those of Israelis.
- Real Peace is the offer of Real hope of a Real future for Palestinians and their children to live for so that they could taste it and would want to savour and protect its flavor.
- Peace cannot be achieved without legitimate self rule.
- Peace cannot be achieved without the right for self determination.
- Palestinians to date have been offered phony hope and phony leadership.
- The Oslo Accord and the US Led Road Map to Peace have failed to offer any real hope, they offered US and Israeli puppet Palestinian leaders.
- Not having anything to live for breeds suicide bombers - the ultimate waste of human life.
- cooked up peace process will never deliver peace.
- Unfairly and unevenly brokered peace processes between a lamb and a lion will only deliver a meal to the lion and not a long lasting peace?

In fact if Israel has really been sincere in wanting peace in all its wars, invasions, incursions and assassinations the last three decades having failed totally and 100% to give Peace to its citizens, why do they continue in the same failed policies? they are not that stupid to see it has not worked to continue to problem solve with the same failing tools again and again and America continue to support it blindly.

But then, a bolt of lightning and a crazy idea came to me to ponder....

Is it possible however, that Israel's latest Gaza attack talks of peace for PR purposes but are really aimed at creating more resistance to its occupation by the Palestinians and fuelling renewed hatred to Israel and America and theri global interests by Arabs and Muslims worldwide ?

why? Sounds crazy? right?

If history tought us anything it tought us that the most likely outcome from the latest Israeli actions on Gaza will most definitely not be peace. Not now. Not ever - but more resistance, more rockets on Israel and more suicide Bombing and not only on Israeli soil and not only aimed at Israelis.

Not even temporary Peace for Israel can be achieved.

The most likely outcome will be more radicalism not only by Palestinians but by Arabs and Muslims throughout the world, more resistance and more suicide bombings I am sad to predict and exactly as sinisterly planned.

On face value, Israeli and US leaders appear so stupid to keep on making the same mistakes over and over again making Peace more and more elusive as if what I am saying is so alien and new to them.

Is it possible that they are so unaware of the cause and effect I have laid out and that they never considered what I am saying? And if they never did, what about their smart advisors? Let’s be real, you don’t become a leader of America or Israel by being stupid or at least have smart advisors. So suppose they knew all what I am saying all along then that means they always knew that peace cannot be reached the way they tried. So what was the purpose of all these failed wars and Peace Processes for decades?

Is it possible that the objective behind Israel’s over the top war on Gaza and the civilian Palestinians carnage is to create and renew the venomous mood of hate and resistance not only to Israel but specifically America by Arabs and Muslims worldwide?

Is it possible that the grand design is to breed and cause new attacks, perhaps suicide bombing, specifically on American Targets to rile up American public desire for revenge and forcing the new US president to respond with unequivocal strength and force to protect America and its interests overseas and thus prolong the era of war mongering Bush started and derail Obama's real plan? If such future attacks can be attributed to Bin laden, war mongering planners will be happy and feel " job well done". If new terrosit groups emerge, "even better".

This will most definitely force the incoming President Obama’s hand in changing the stance and strategy that brought him to the while house based on change from the last 8 years of Bush and with the mutual respect between cultures he talked about only to be forced to chnge strategic direction to appear strong in front of the world per the advice of his advisors in response to new attacks on US targets that only serve the real road blockers to world peace.

I hope to be wrong but I fear that future attacks on US targets will come as a direct response to US unconditional support of Israelis attacks on Gaza. President Obama’s hand will be forced on this not to lean on Israel for real Peace under the claim the time is not right, the time now is for solidarity against terrorism. This will only serve the warmongers who do not want long lasting Real Peace. It won’t serve Palestinians, Israelis or Americans who want real peace.


Israel knew that incoming US President Obama will not be like George Bush accepting whatever Israel demands as God's request of him to help Israel no matter what. Obama would have expected Israel to make real attempt at long lasting Peace with the Palestinians in return for continued US unwavering support (but no longer blind support at th cost of US intersts). The Israelis are not ready for this yet as it means concessions they feel unwilling to give to Palestinians, not yet anyway.

Obama is aware of the US cost of such unconditional US support to Israel. Obama will want to change it from blind to strong, unwavering support that does not come at the cost of US global interests and turn the tide that Bush started.

Obama was committed to changing this during his election but it can’t happen if Israel continues to abuse US loyalty and support dismaying international public opinions of America.

War against Gaza because of missiles landing in Northern Israel sounds reasonable enough, right? But the size of the force used has other purposes.

Obama might lean on Israel to accept Syria’s peace for a Golan Heights deal to separate Hezbollah from Syria and Syria from Iran and then squeeze Iran on the Nuclear power issue. This is in America's Interest but requires Israel to make Peace with Syria, and this is not what Israel is willing to do for its people or its ally although it will give secure Israel peace with Syria, if it really wanted one.

Obama is already aware that the Arab league has offered Israel a comprehensive Peace based on Peace for Land on more than 3 official occasions since 2001 and Israel declined these offers outright without any negotiations. (you Google it)

Is all this possible? Of course not I must be hallucinating. It sounds more fiction that reality. Right?

If any of my facts and conclusions are true, then the beneficiaries of Israel’s attack on Gaza are Usama Bin Laden and the war Mongers all over the world and specially in America and Israel.

More sadly, none of this is for peace, it is instead to satisfy the egos of the puppeteers who pull the strings and are ruining the real hope for peace for Palestinians and Israelis alike who are the real victims of all this to differing degrees.

The real victims of these attacks are not only the Palestinians who are dying now but also future Israeli and American innocent victims followed by more Palestinians who will pay with their lives as they fall to the reprisal attacks to follow perpetrated by all sides in the continuous vicious circle of violence if historical data is any predictor.

Let’s see if Obama can fulfill his historic words when he said “change has come to America”. Dare I dream for all Arab and Israeli children’s sake? Or will Washington change Obama?

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